Chelsea Surgical Partners has been created to bring together leading consultant surgeons in multiple specialties. We take care of our surgical partners’ businesses by running their back-office needs, whilst building their profile and sourcing new business, providing them with the freedom to concentrate on their craft and ultimately, to become the best surgeons they can be.

Our vision at Chelsea Surgical Partners is to provide our partners with the opportunity to build their careers in order to achieve global renown in their fields. In particular, to  offer leading surgeons the support structure they need, allowing them to excel within their individual specialties.


For General Practitioners, corporate entities or individuals in need of surgical support, we offer direct access, end to end management and a bespoke case by case approach to the surgical process, taking professional care of all administration requirements and comprehensively covering all of our patient’s needs.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service to all patients, GP's and introducers and to provide the opportunity for consultant surgeons to excel in their careers.

All CSP consultants operate across various private hospitals in London and appointments can be made by contacting us directly or via their medical P.As.



Chelsea Surgical Partners are delighted to receive referrals from General Practitioners, self-referring patients and third parties alike.  

Our administration team are here to make thing as simple as possible for you. Please contact us below so our team can guide you through the process seamlessly.
We are proud to receive referrals from fellow medical professionals and commit to providing the best possible communication and care to ensure your patients every need is met during their time with us. 



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Specialised, integrated and focused care

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Service proposed exists nowhere else in the UK or beyond

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Holistic approach to patient’s
individual needs

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Evidence based approach relying on current research and up-to-date science

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Latest cutting edge operative and
imaging techniques

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Smooth and hassle-free journey with forging of a long-term relationship, allowing access to our services at any point