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Consultant Gynaecologist 
& Gynaecological Oncology Surgeon

Patient age group - Adults 

Medical qualifications - BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCOG MD

Foreign languages - None

​Services -  One-stop General Gynaecology Clinic with Diagnostic Ultrasound, Gynaecological Surgery (cancer, benign, and fertility-sparing), Gynaecological Cancer (diagnosis and treatment), General Benign Gynaecology, Colposcopy.

Hospitals - Imperial College Healthcare including: Hammersmith Hospital, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, St Mary's Hospital (NHS) 

Areas of interest - Gynaecological Ultrasound diagnostics, Surgery, Gynaecological Cancer including Ovarian, Endometrial, Cervical and Vulval Cancer, Benign Gynaecology (fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, menstrual period problems), Colposcopy including treatment.

Medical PA: Karen Oakley 


Phone: 0208 185 0815

Miss Stacey Bryan (BSc MBBS MRCOG MD) is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, where she completed her subspecialty training in gynaecological cancers.  She obtained her undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Science and Medicine, at St George’s University of London in 2008, and membership to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2015.  She has undertaken research into HPV and early detection of cervical cancers and was awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Institute of Women’s Health at University College London (UCL) in 2022. Her work has led to publications and presentations at both national and international conferences.

Miss Bryan’s practice focusses on the diagnosis and management of gynaecological issues including cancer and non-cancer.

She specialises in complex and benign cancer surgery, as well as colposcopy and acute diagnostic services. As such she is able to offer a one stop service including gynaecological ultrasound scanning. She is the lead for Vulval Cancers at Imperial College London and will be shortly taking over as Unit Training Lead as she is also passionate about education and training.

Outside of work Miss Bryan is the Vice Chair and Trustee of The British Caribbean Doctors and Dentists Association (BCDD), a charity which aims to increase representation, increase health literacy and improve access to healthcare for marginalised groups.  In this way the charity aims to address and reduce the issue of health inequalities in the UK. 

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