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Mr Srdjan Saso and Ms Maya Al-Memar play integral role at 2o23 ISOUG conference

Chelsea Surgical Partners Founding Consultants Mr Srdjan Saso and Ms Maya Al-Memar recently returned from Seoul, Korea having been invited to address the prestigious global conference of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Mr Saso spoke about the use of ultrasound in maximising fertility potential in women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer and Ms Al-Memar spoke variously about ovarian cysts and ultrasound diagnosis and management of issues in the paediatric and adolescent

population, as well as ultrasound of the uterus and the classification of

differences in uterine development in adolescents.

Ms Al-Memar was also newly appointed Vice Chair of education for ISUOG - and

will be Chair from 2024.

Congratulations Maya from all at CSP.


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