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Mr Saso performs a wide variety of gynaecological surgical procedures tailored for the specific pathology (both benign and cancer), the age of the patient and her wishes. If within the reproductive range, and the family is not complete yet, the aim is always to remove the pathology whilst preserving the fertility potential.

Overall, operations are done using standard open techniques as well as via vaginal and/or minimally invasive approaches (so-called hysteroscopic as well as keyhole/laparoscopic surgery). In addition, some operations are performed under ultrasound guidance, a novel and accurate method of ensuring that all of the pathology is removed.


From an oncological perspective, Mr Saso offers surgical treatment for all five types of gynaecological cancer (vulval, vaginal, cervical, uterine/endometrial and ovarian). Surgery for ovarian cancer involves cytoreductive and multivisceral techniques if required, including bowel resection, anastomosis, stoma formation and upper abdominal surgery such as removal of the spleen and mobilisation of liver.


It is worth highlighting that a good proportion of the surgeries are pioneering and 'world firsts' in the area of gynaecology and fertility preservation, now performed by members of our Team.


• Hysteroscopy

• Colposcopy
• Removal of Fibroids during Hysteroscopy /
• Trans-cervical Resection of Fibroids (TCRF)
• Removal of Ovarian Cysts (Cystectomy)
• Removal of Polyps (Polypectomy)
• Removal of Fallopian tubes and/or Ovaries (Unilateral or Bilateral Salpingo-opherectomy)
• Cervical related procedures e.g. LLETZ, NETZ
• Surgical management of miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy



• Removal of Fibroids (Myomectomy)

• Removal of Uterus (Hysterectomy)
• Removal of Cervix (Trachelectomy)

• Fertility Preservation Surgery
• Gynaecological Cancer Surgery (Ovarian / Endometrial / Cervical)

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