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Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology (PAG) is a subspeciality under the umbrella of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and is a specialism of Miss Maya Al-Memar at CSP.

It is extremely common for young people to suffer with gynaecological symptoms and conditions, with both simple and complex conditions often presenting for the first time in adolescence. Such problems can impact the quality of life of young people, including impact on mental health, school attendance and performance. A recent study suggested that as many as 25% of adolescents had significant menstrual dysfunction affecting life activities and school absence (Parker et al, BJOG 2010).

Symptoms may sometimes be dismissed or ignored, and it can be difficult to find medical professionals with experience in treating these issues. Without proper advice and care, inappropriate management of gynaecological issues in childhood and adolescence may lead to significant repercussions throughout later years, and into adulthood. Therefore, there is a real need to offer young people holistic and specialist care to ensure they can harness their full potential without hinderance from female health issues. In addition, given the ability to shape their future health choices, adolescents are a critical target for preventative health care.

The approach to the evaluation and management of this unique population rests not only on the practitioner's ability to recognise the unique clinical challenges that may occur, but also on understanding of these problems, and tailoring care and management to meet the individual needs of the young person.

Our aim is to provide this specialist care focussing on individual well-being of the young person and ensuring they can flourish and thrive.




We offer a specialist service under the care of Miss Maya Al-Memar, Consultant with experience and interest in this field. She is the clinical lead of the PAG service at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, having completed advanced training in PAG.

We provide care to young people with a range of conditions, including: menstrual irregularities, disorders of puberty, painful periods, heavy periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, primary/secondary amenorrhoea, contraception, differences in development of the reproductive tract e.g. didelphys uterus, septate uterus.


The young person (aged 13 to 18 years old) will have a consultation with Miss Al-Memar (with or without their parent/guardian as appropriate). Evening clinics will be available for convenience and reduce the risk of missed days in education, as well as virtual consultations for ease of access.

If required, additional investigations may include an ultrasound scan and blood tests. Follow up consultation may be required to discuss results and any ongoing management.


 • Gynaecological check up

• Review in case of gynaecological symptoms

• Review those with pre-existing gynaecological conditions

• Emergency consultation in case of a gynaecological issue

• Partnerships / Referrals to other experts for an unanswered clinical need – pelvic physiotherapy, fertility, gastroenterology, nutrition, paediatrician



Our gynaecologist,  Miss Al-Memar, has a specialist clinical and academic interests in dealing with gynaecological health needs specific to a younger population.
A one-stop gynaecological consultation service, both planned and emergency if required, to ensure ease and comfort and minimal disruption, as well as reduce anxiety levels. In practice, this means that a young person may undergo a consultation, examination blood tests, and ultrasound scan (if required) all in one sitting, performed by the same gynaecologist. This will give the gynaecologist all the information needed to manage the patient there and then in one session. Not only does this ‘one-stop clinic’ environment streamline the patient’s care and prevent treatment delays, but it allows us to seamlessly fit into the young person’s busy schedule. The opportunity for virtual consultations and evening clinics also ensures that our service is accessible and designed to deliver optimum results for our patients.

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