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Disorders of the eyes and visual system are common and affect all age groups. At CSP our specialist is fully equipped to diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of both childhood and adult eye disorders.


Our ophthalmologist will examine your, or your child’s, visual system and conduct a thorough examination of the eyes using state-of-the-art imaging where required. A treatment plan will be made and should surgery be indicated, there will be a full discussion of the risks and benefits to you.

Medical Tablet



Cataract Extraction and Lens Implant (phacoemulsification and intraocular lens)

Refractive Lens Exchange

Adult Squint (Strabismus) Surgery including minimally invasive and adjustable surgery

Surgery for Management of Squint in Thyroid Eye Disease

Incision and Curettage of Chalazia

Excision of Eyelid Lesions

Excision of Pterygia

Repair of Eyelid and Globe Trauma



Our team will first conduct a vision check.

Patient’s with a squint, double vision and some neurological problems may need to see an orthoptist, a specialist in eye movement disorders.

You will then be examined by Mr Posner who may need to instil some pupil dilating drops to examine your eye fully. These can take 30 minutes to work and will blur your vision, especially at near distances, for up to 4 hours. You will not be able to drive whilst your pupils remain dilated.

You may require further investigations which will be discussed during your appointment.



Paediatric Squint (Strabismus) Surgery

Botulinum Toxin Injection for Squint

Paediatric Cataract Surgery

Excision of Dermoids

Incision and Curettage of Chalazia

Curettage of Molluscum

Excision of Eyelid Lesions

Syringe and Probing

Examination Under Anaesthetic



Your child will be seen by our orthoptist initially who will examine their visual behaviour and eye movement balance.

Drops will need to be instilled to dilate their pupils and allow for full examination of your child’s eye. Younger children can find eye drops distressing but they are a necessary part of our examination. Every effort will be made to make the experience minimally unpleasant.

Mr Posner will carry out an examination of your child’s eyes including refraction, a method with which we determine younger children’s glasses prescription.

Your child’s pupils will be dilated for up to 6 hours afterwards, during which time they may complain their vision is blurry. This is normal and will resolve.

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